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FAMILY, Grand Teton National Park

November 16, 2021

Grand Teton National Park Family Photographer | Anna Christine Photography | Calderwood Family

Being within 2 hours of Grand Teton National Park has been such a wonderful experience for me as a photographer! I have captured many families in the park, but a majority of the time I love taking family photos at Schwabacher Landing (which is just outside the national park). Within the trail at Schwabacher in Grand Teton National Park there are so many photo opportunities. It’s a beautiful area with a river, forest area, and of course, a beautiful shot of the Tetons.

I attended BreAnne Weston’s Photography workshop in August 2021. She is an incredible family photographer and I learned so much from watching her shoot and edit.

Here are some of the many things I learned while attending her workshop.
1. It is completely worth the time it takes to pose.
2. Sessions are a flow, not a checklist.
3. Don’t be afraid to get in close to capture details.
4. Your time and the energy you put into your business is valuable.

I am excited to continue learning and growing through my experiences. Thank you for trusting me to take your family photos ♥️

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